Superior National Prints by Bud Chapman

For 30 years world renowned artist Lloyd H. “Bud” Chapman has been painting fantasy golf courses, which includes his “18 Infamous Golf Holes” that have been published throughout the world.  


Now he has painted real holes at Superior National! These strikingly beautiful images whimsically depict the River #2, Canyon #17, and Canyon #’s 14 & 15 in a way that only Chapman can achieve. There is no better way to commemorate your experience at Superior National than to take home a set of these legendary prints.


Chapman was inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the ancient Sawtooth Mountains and Lake Superior’s coast of Minnesota’s North Shore, the setting of Superior National Golf Course. In addition to showing-off the challenging holes, the paintings play up the wildlife, nature, and wonderment that can be experienced at Superior National. There is also a witty tongue-in-cheek description of the various difficulties that can occur on these astonishing holes.


Take home a set of three of these gorgeous prints, numbered and signed by Chapman.


18 x 24 print of River #2   The Friendly Gallery        $30

18 x 24 print of Canyon #17   Bears Going Through        $30

38 x 24 print of Canyon #14 & 15 Wolves on Tee        $50


Best Price:  Set of all 3 prints                $100


Note:  State and Local Sales Taxes will be added at the time of purchase.